The countdown begins…

Upon completion of his current course, RW’s commander wants him overseas as soon as possible. This means the move is becoming more real. I am sad. Part of me wishes that I had left my vet job and gone straight to Italy and not had the chance to really enjoy this town and my friends and my life. It would have made it easier for sure.

However, instead of being sad (which is easy), I will focus on the happy bits of this move.

I will ride my awesome Dutch City Bike around town! Basket for the dogs is on the way.

photo 1

I will shop at the daily markets with this super cute basket from my dear friend Margaret, and think of her every time I fill it with goodies.

photo 3 (2)

I will wear winter clothes again (never thought I would be excited about that, but good Lord, Florida you are ridiculous)! I will meet a ton of people and expand my circle of friends. I will get to work out all the time, maybe even train for a big race. I will learn to cook something delicious. I will become fluent in another language. I will eat tons of amazing foods and drink gallons of great wines. I will travel and see millions of cool places. Perhaps I will figure out a life plan while I am at it (ok, maybe that is pushing it).

After all…..

photo 4


2 thoughts on “The countdown begins…

  1. We’ll be sad to see you both and the ark leave but happy to watch you (vicariously anyway) arrive and settle in…Love always, Dad

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