Moving in 3…2…1…

The last two weeks have been hectic. RW finally got the go ahead to proceed with out processing from Ft Benning and setting up the move to Vicenza. As I write this, the final group of movers is here loading up into the truck.

We fly out Thursday morning via Atlanta and Amsterdam. Schmitt will be my carry on bag, while Murray and the cats will be under the plane. Our layover in Atlanta is long enough to retrieve Murray and take both dogs out for a couple of hours. Getting our plane tickets sorted out has been the most stressful part of the process so far. The army chooses a ticket for us, and then we had to call each airline to ensure there is space on each leg of the flight for all of our pets, and then get back with the army to actually book the tickets. It is clear to me after dealing with multiple airlines that being a Delta Skymiles member is well worth it, as calling through their line was the only time we received information that did not change every time we spoke with someone new. United and Lufthansa need to communicate better, as we spent over an hour going back and forth between the two airlines, trying to determine who actually was in charge of a flight segment. As of press time, it is still unclear who is operating that flight. Good thing we are flying Delta instead 🙂

The movers came in three separate trips- one for permanent storage stateside, one for unaccompanied baggage (which is a small air shipment thay arrives to Italy in 30-45 days), and then our large household goods shipment, which arrives overseas in two to three months. I sent an air mattress, some kitchen goods, and winter clothes in UB, so if we find an apartment we will have some of our things while we wait for the HHG load to arrive.

As for when we arrive in Vicenza, we will live in a hotel on the Army base until we find permanent housing. No clue how long that will take or how difficult that may be. We plan to live as close to downtown as we can so we will see what we can come up with.

Stay tuned for more updates this week as we say Arrivederci to Sarasota!


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