So far, so good…?

It stopped raining and now is in the 50s and sunny. I can see mountains all around, complete with snow on top.

FullSizeRender (1)

I met RW’s battalion commander, he seems cool and said my name right every time so that is a bonus. In fact, Italians say my name right every time with a beautiful “r” sound and I love it. My name means “dear” in Italian.

When we went to see the BC, I inadvertently stepped on this giant unit emblem on the floor and all the soldiers around gasped and said “ahh don’t step on that.” Of course before I could stop myself I asked “then why is it on the floor?” Would have been embarrassing except that it is really good question and no one appears to know the answer.

Dinner in downtown Vicenza last night was fun. We went to a little pizza place and of course it was delicious. Everything is so fresh and just tastes different.


We have started the housing process. It is laborious, boring, annoying, and frustrating. Just cross your fingers that it works out the way I want or when you come visit you will be disappointed.

I found a place to rent bicycles so at least we can escape post later this week. I feel sort of trapped in this awkward little America surrounded by fences and barbed wire. Also, there is a 5k this weekend. The winners get a turkey for Thanksgiving. I hope that RW and I are studs! We will be meeting up with some Team RWB people so I am hopeful to make a friend or two.

I have one real friend now- she lives next door in the hotel and her husband was at Benning with RW. She is super cool and chill and her dog likes to play with Murray and Schmitt. We are hoping to live near each other downtown. She has been amazingly helpful since she is about a week ahead of us as far as paperwork, etc goes.

That is all for now. Ciao!


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