Turkey Trot

This morning we ran the Turkey Trot 5K on post. It was… how do you say… FREEZING. I feel seriously underprepared for winter and it was only 35 degrees. I should have bought more stuff when I had the chance at Fit2Run!

There were maybe 150 people there, and I met some girls that I had talked to on FB about running. One of them actually used to run at the Tampa F2R which is cool. There is also an active Team RWB chapter here.

At the start, they played both the Star Spangled Banner as well as the Italian National Anthem “Il Canto degli Italian.” This means Song of the Italians. It was a very bright and happy sounding tune. Listen here:  http://www.understandingitaly.com/profile-content/anthem.html

The route started and ended on the track and just wound around post.

A large group of Italian runners showed up and placed top three. Also, at the starting gun, they all yelled and shouted at the top of their lungs which was fun and cool.

RW got a PR this morning. I did not, but I did not run as slow as I felt like I was.

I am going to leave you now and buy all of the winter running clothes that exist on the internet.  Ciao!


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