Thanksgiving in Florence

We took advantage of RW’s light workload and decided to travel over Thanksgiving. After a quick two hour train ride, we arrived in Florence. Florence is a beautiful, ancient city. Our pictures do not do it justice, but that is why Google Image exists. The highlights of the trip include a walking tour about history and architecture, and of course the food and drink. We enjoyed a couple of really good meals (RW ate tripe!!) and lots of good wine. Florence enjoys a heavier emphasis on meat than other parts of Italy which was a nice change from the pizza and pasta. Dinner one night comprised of an aperitif hour buffet. A drink purchase grants you access to the heavy appetizer buffet for the evening. You know you found a good deal when everyone else in the bar is in college.

I heard more English being spoken in Florence than in Vicenza- tourists and students everywhere. Our tour guide mentioned that Florence is no longer for Florentines, and I can see her point. Shopping and the art/architecture are the main attractions. We did not go inside any of the museums or cathedrals on this trip due to time constraints. A return trip is in our future.

I was complimented on my lack of American accent when I speak Italian, and I was also told I look Italian. When I learn more than a few words and phrases we will see if that remains true. Puffy vests and jackets are big in style here- so far I am fitting in as far as that goes. You know how I feel about my puffy vests!!

Everyone in Europe smokes everywhere. I did not realize how wonderful it is in the States to not come home smelling like other people’s cigarettes after being outside.

Set up for the Firenze Marathon occurred during our visit. The race course wound through the narrow cobblestone streets of the city. Might be hard to PR but their race goody bags were awesome!

Here are a few pictures from the trip.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Florence

  1. If you go back, try to go to the museum to see the real statue of David. It’s amazing! The replica that is outside is not as cool as the real one. It’s a small museum, as I recall, and you can see everything pretty quickly. I think there are also inside that same museum four statues of men “busting their way out” of stone. Robbie would like that! The Uffizzi museum is too huge and I hate to say it, i got a little bored by the end of it.

    And, your fancy leather boots are beautiful!

  2. If you go back to Florence you must go to a gelato place called Vivoli’s. My wife talks about it constantly as the best gelato she’s ever head. I haven’t had the pleasure, but I’m sure she’s right.

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