Downtown on a Saturday night

I wish I could record the sounds of downtown Vicenza for you all. The streets were full of people shopping, drinking, talking, laughing, and singing. Street musicians played holiday music on many corners- guitars, accordions, violins, and a bagpipe. Vendors sold holiday decor and balloons for children from their stalls, and all of the stores boasted Christmas lights and trimmings. The cold temperatures did not discourage anyone from sitting outside- each cafe was full of people enjoying an aperitif or an espresso, wrapped in puffy coats and scarves. We did find a bar with Guinness on tap so obviously someone in this party was happy (hint- not me)!


The only bummer of the evening is the realization that it may be impossible to buy RW nice Italian shoes, as apparently no one makes them in a size enormous. We went to eight shoe stores and struck out at each one. The search will continue and we will not lose hope!

IMG_7474 IMG_7475 IMG_7477


2 thoughts on “Downtown on a Saturday night

  1. Guiness, Yeah RW. However, when in Rome (italy) try Peroni, he molto bene. Looks like a great time. wish we were there! Ciao!

  2. Better find a fine cobbler in an out of the way alley! Fine photos to give a hint of the town’s soul…. Doesn’t your iEverything record sounds to embed with your photos?

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