Meeting my Italian Neighbors

Now that I am sort of settled in our apartment, I decided that it was time to meet the neighbors. Like any good American, I thought that junk food would be the fastest route into their hearts, and make a pan of Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Brownies. If you have never had those, do yourself a favor and bake them immediately.

I wrote a short note in Italian introducing us, as well as stating how excited we are to be here and to learn Italian, to accompany said treats.

Our building has 4 apartments in it, with an identical building sharing the fenced yard and drive. Pictures to come later.

Neighbor number 1 (next door): not home. Left brownies and note at door.

Neighbor number 2, downstairs: Super nice lady, doesn’t speak English, named Paola. Ran into her today and she asked “Ciao, Cara, tutto bene?” That means “Hi, Cara, everything ok?” Super sweet!!

Neighbor number 3, also downstairs: old dude who obviously can’t hear that well since we hear his TV just fine in our apartment or out on the street 🙂 Does not bother me- since I can’t understand the words it just sounds like white noise. He seemed super confused when I knocked on the door and introduced myself. “Piacere, mi chiamo Cara.” I am sure he liked the brownies though! Who wouldn’t?!

Rewind to neighbor number 1: She came over when she heard me get home the next day. She also speaks no English, but had obviously taken the time to translate her words onto an index card. She told me it was nice to meet me and asked where I was from, and then told me that the cake was delicious. SO AWESOME.

I hope we can all be friends. Or at least enough so when they see or hear my cani pazzi (crazy dogs) they will laugh and say “ciao, cane!” instead of saying “zitto cani stupidi!”


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