Wine Wednesday… the first of many

I spent Wednesday afternoon with a great group of girls traveling to two local wineries. The first, Villa Sceriman ( was about 35 minutes from town. The grounds were beautiful and I can just imagine how lovely it would be to sit outside in the spring or summer. The building itself was built in 1447, 1521, or sometime in the 1700’s. Anyways, it is old! The tasting room is in the old stable and is decorated in a rustic fashion. The outside of the villa was being worked on so no pictures for you today. After we tasted several wines, we shared a large spread of fresh cheese, salami, proscuitto, and warm bread.  I bought a couple bottles of a white blend to take home.

Next stop- Muraro Enomas Cantine. This place is very close to town and is a favorite with the Americans because of the giant vats of wine that are “pour your own.” You can taste all you want (help yourself) and then fill up your reusable wine bottles and go on about your way. Your pockets will only be about 1-2 Euro lighter.

The Veneto region is known for its wine- especially prosecco. To be honest, I am not a fan of bubbly wines. And the frizzante rosso… ugh! But, that is what is great about wine- it only matters if the person drinking it likes it, no matter what the wine snobs say.   Cin cin!


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