Ceramics and Kitchenware Galore- a trip to Nove

Nove is a small town about 20 minutes way from us that is famous for its handmade ceramics. Many famous companies (Lenox, Tiffany and Co, Williams-Sonoma, etc) acquire their pieces from here. We went to the largest of the stores in Nove, called La Ceramica VBC. The ground floor is the workshop, where they fire and paint the pieces. Upstairs houses the shop- floor to ceiling shelves with pieces for any budget and taste. Speaking of budget- since we are buying straight from the factory all of these pieces (even the fanciest ones!) sell for significantly less than market price in the states. The store does a wonderful job setting up displays so you can see how to put all the pieces together on your table. I saw several beautiful things but did not buy anything for myself on this trip. We will be here long enough that I am sure I will be back. My favorite pattern is a lace print where they actually lay lace on top of the clay to make the pattern. Better start thinking about what you might need to buy when you come to visit! 🙂


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