Munich, Germany

Things that are awesome about Munich:

1. Really old, beautiful buildings.

IMG_8583 IMG_8671 IMG_8670 IMG_8627 IMG_8565

2. Saturday morning market with beautiful flowers and fresh food.

IMG_8599 IMG_8597 IMG_8598 IMG_8601 IMG_8594IMG_8600

3. Pretzels and beer everywhere.


4. This trash can.


5. Beer halls filled with live music and new friends. We lost the video of the band playing 😦

IMG_8558 IMG_8636

IMG_8642 FullSizeRender (5)

6. These most delicious dried apple chips from the market.


7. An excuse to wear my Beer socks.


8. Awesome gargoyles.

IMG_8575 IMG_8576 IMG_8667

9. Pop culture.

IMG_8666 (1)

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