Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?

My Australian adventure began just about a month ago. I love it here.

Everyone I meet is friendly, fun and welcoming. It has been easy to make friends here. 

The entire area is full of run groups, cycle groups, beaches, parks, wineries, breweries, trails. I have visited several of the neighborhoods and towns that make up the Greater Perth area and they all have their own characteristic vibe. This city feels like Sarasota but on a bigger scale.  I have joined a couple of local bike shops for their Saturday rides- one of them had 90 riders! It feels like the entire city is out at 6 AM on Saturday biking, running, or walking. The foreshore of the Swan River hosts a paved trail that goes for miles, and has bathrooms, water fountains, volleyball courts and picnic shelters scattered the entire way.

The beaches are beautiful. Clear water, white sand, fun waves… Better to conceal all of the sharks that are out there. Seriously, not uncommon for beaches to be closed due to sharks.

Summer weather has been windy, hot and dry. The wind is the other good training factor besides the hills out here.

Work- the reason I am here. Clients are mostly nice, horses mostly don’t appear to have jobs, and all live outside all of the time, like horses are meant to do.

Food- expensive. I have determined that all coffee will cost at least $4, and every meal will be $25; no matter if breakfast, lunch or dinner. Speaking of breakfast, America still wins the breakfast game, sorry world. It should not cost $25 for some eggs, toast, and bacon. Also, may I please just have more coffee?

Wildlife is very exciting to me. I am that person who slows down to take pictures of kangaroos and tries to get pics of all of the weird birds. There are several groups of emu around, and a variety of snakes and lizards and spiders.

Australian slang is fun and I am getting the hang of it. They say “ how you going” instead of “how are you” or “how’s it going.” They also say “that’s alright” instead of “ok”, which always makes me feel like I accidentally apologized for something. I already said no worries so basically I belong here. McDonald’s is Macca’s. At first I thought everyone just mumbled but, although lots of mumbling does occur, mostly it is weird shortened words that I don’t understand right away. I will stop being a sook about it though.

Aussie drivers seem to think that cyclists are actually somehow protected by the magic white line painted on the road and sort of use that line as a guide for their tires… No it is not a forcefield that will protect me and my bike from you and your car. MOVE OVER. Italy wins for cycling and road safety.

Well, time to go throw some stubbies in the esky and go sit outside and hope the mozzies leave me alone.

Christmas is coming!
Hello, mate.
Everything is brown right now but I am certain the green in winter is stunning.
Joey in a pouch.
So many jacarandas. Makes my heart happy.
One of the local breweries.
Bobtail lizard. Yes, he is huge.
These roos are pretty tame and eat on the porch daily.
View from the neighborhood.
Roller Coaster Road. Complete with 20% grades.
The Booze Bus! Random roadblocks to breathalyze. If you blow over, go sit on the bus till you sober up. I have gone through two; both at 4 PM on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
Perth Skyline from the Foreshore.


Another view from the neighborhood.
View from friend’s porch.
Perth foreshore.
Perth Foreshore.

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