Who runs this country? We do!

My best friend from Florida (MG) came to visit for a long weekend in February. We went on a run together the day we met, and have logged many miles together since. One of my favorite things in the world is to wake up early on a Saturday, long run with MG and our crew, and then go enjoy a leisurely, proper breakfast (huevos rancheros for me, bagel with salmon and cream cheese for her. And keep the coffee coming!)

We decided that we would adventure out of Italy on her visit and drive to Liechtenstein, which is a small, German speaking nation nestled in between Austria and Switzerland. The country is small enough to run across, and who does not want to be able to say they ran across an entire country!? So, that is what we did. The drive was easy (don’t forget your vignette for Switzerland) with only one mountain pass full of switchbacks.

We thought that the run was 16 miles total, but somehow we only clocked 12.4 from Austria to Switzerland. Naturally, we kept running until a respectable 13.1, which just happened to go up a mountain and end up at a Swiss Army training facility. RW had the car and stopped about every 4 miles so we could have some water and snacks.

The other bonus was that the country was celebrating Fasching, which is the equivalent of Carnivale and Mardi Gras season. We passed the whole country getting ready for their parade, and made it back in time to drink beers, eat street food, and celebrate with the locals. Everyone we met was really nice and excited to visit with Americans. Of course they all asked us about Donald Trump- it is apparently hilarious to everyone else that this is the situation we have gotten ourselves into.

For those of you interested in running a country, here is a link to my Strava for the run: https://www.strava.com/activities/870635231  Run was safe, with sidewalks most of the way and a wide bike lane otherwise. We started on Route 28 and ran south. A friend did this run a couple months prior to our trip and started south, but said the headwinds were really strong that day and it made it less fun.

Here is the last part up the mountain: https://www.strava.com/activities/870635289

A beautiful day to run across a country! 
And we are off! 
Run was mostly flat, but with beautiful mountain views. 
Running through Vaduz. 
Here we come at mile 10-ish. 


This is the actual border, but we kept going to ensure we got a proper long run in. 
We did it! High five, Switzerland!
Happy Fasching, y’all! 
Make Fasching Great Again (this was on TV)
Post run cross country skiing. 

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