Southern Spain is the Place for Me

RW and I spent a couple of weeks this winter in and around Seville, Spain, followed by a few days in the Canary Islands. This trip was awesome because 1. It was not freezing cold. 2. The sun was shining. and 3. Spain is full of friendly people who are always smiling and exercising. I will note that we were the only people out running before about 9 AM. But I am also certain we were the only people in bed at 11 PM. This is evident by the amount of club goers we met out on our run as well as the amount of drugs we were offered at the same time. 

Seville is a city full of history and culture, but at the same time is small enough to feel manageable and not too touristy. We went to Jerez de la Frontera to see the Andalusian horses at the Foundation Real Escuela Andalusia del Arte Ecuestre. The horses were stunning, the trainers were amazing, and the performance was breathtaking. Go there if you can. Horses are graceful athletes and kind souls and it will make you feel better about everything to watch them. 

We traveled to the town of Arcos de la Frontera, which is one of the famed Pueblos Blancos of Southern Spain. These villages were originally settled by Berber famers in the 9th-10th century, and were set up in their fortified positions once the Christians and the Moors began fighting. We went to the church that had been built on top of the mosque (as was super common) and they had actual mummies in there! Weird.

This area is also known for the production of sherry. I tasted some… maybe it is an acquired taste.

Gibraltar is a quick trip south from Seville, so we spent a day exploring “the Rock” with Carl, our guide. Super interesting place. Not super interested in paying 70 Euro for two cheeseburgers and some beers. Thanks, England. At least there were monkeys.

Once we got to the Canary Islands, it was down time all of the time. Well, sort of. RW plugged in to work and worked a few hours each day, while I tried to get tan and read mindless books. We went to Tenerife and it was certainly more developed than any of the Caribbean islands that I have been to. It was a really nice break from “touring” to just sit and drink and chill out.

I have another trip to Southern Spain planned for the fall and I am really looking forward to explain more of the place with sunny skies and friendly faces.


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